Dyslexia Tutoring


All of our teachers receive expert training and have access to expert resources. No other dyslexia learning center in the Greater Philadelphia area invests in dyslexia training and certification for their tutors like we do.

Language to Literacy uses the Wilson Reading System as its Orton-Gillingham method. All of our tutors are trained by the Wilson Academy at their three-day, in-person, 18-hour course, and all tutors then have access to the Wilson Academy website for training videos and additional support. Reading is a life skill, parents are investing money and time…choose the best.

In addition, Bridget Tait, Executive Director, has completed her Wilson Level 1 Certification, and she is working to complete her Level 2 Certification. She is one of only twenty people in the state with this certification level. Bridget keeps current with continuing education to stay up-to-date on the best methods to help kids with dyslexia.

If your child attends a private school, we will consider tutoring at schools during the school day, dependent upon tutor availability and school permission.  We will also consider tutoring in your home before school starts, if there is a trained tutor available and open. A travel charge will be assigned for driving to your school or home.


Language to Literacy is CERI Certified with top teachers. Language to Literacy uses the Wilson Reading System as it’s Orton-Gillingham Method.


Scheduling can be quite complex, so we prefer you call our office to schedule tutoring.  We will work to create a consistent schedule for you and your child.


To register, please call (215) 469-1160

Or use the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.